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Do You Understand How Pipe Endoscope Inspection Works?

1. A Brief Description of Manhole Inspection Pole Camera

The pipe manhole inspection is also called QV quick view inspection, which is a method of using the pipe endoscope to inspect the inside of the pipe. The inspection method can solve problems like the camera distance cannot meet the pipe length and the upload rate is slow so that it can not be synchronized. Also, it can accurately determine the material defect, corrosion degree and specific location of the pipe. The inspection results can be used as a basis for evaluating the health state of the pipe.

2. The Principle of Manhole Pole Camera Inspection Technology

what is the principle of manhole pole camera pipeline inspection technology? The pipe endoscope can record the inside of the pipe to monitor and photograph the state of deposition, pipe damage, foreign body penetration, leakage, and hidden connection of branch pipes inside the pipe. It can clearly see and record all the conditions inside the pipe from a long distance, and then the video is transmitted to the main control machine on the ground for storage.  Professionals should analyse all the video data and systemically understand the basic situation of the pipe, the drainage quality and operation, as well as the location of the outlet and the damage degree of the pipe. A pipe inspection report should be written in order to provide economical and efficient inspection methods for pipe maintenance and pipe rehabilitation.

The QV detection system mainly consists of three parts: the main controller, the portable rod with an installed camera, and the cable used to connect the main controller and the portable rod. The main controller can be tied to the operator's chest with a strap so that the operator can adjust the camera to freely rotate and stretch the lens by adjusting the main controller. In this way, shooting and observation can be performed simultaneously. Also, the original video data can be saved in the main controller for further analysis.       

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