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X5-HW CCTV inspection robot is designed for large pipe DN800-4000, with 2050m cable. 8-wheel drive, high definition P&T camera

X5-HW Main Parts

Crawler Crawler
  • Suitable for pipe DN800-4000

  • IP68 up to 10m water depth

  • Powerful eight-wheel drive (steerable)

  • Automatic removable elevator

  • Include pressure sensor, inclination sensor, roll and pitch sensor

  • Integrated rear-view camera

  • Electrical adjustable clutch  Power supply: cable reel

  • Speed: Max 12m/min  Inclination: Max 15°

  • Light source:  forward light 6X10W LED; backward 2X10W LED

  • Material: Brass nickel-plating stainless steel

  • Minimum dimension( LxWxH): 780x580x490mm, 

  • Maximum dimension( LxWxH): 1400x860x2355mm

  • Minimum weight: 180KG  Maximum weight: 300KG

Cable Reel Cable Reel
  • 2050m cable, diameter 8.5mm, 96.28g/m

  • Accurate meter counter: ±0.01m

  • Multi-pin cable, strong 500kg Kevlar reinforced

  • Automatic rewinding, maximum speed:30m/min

  • Protection Class: IP63

  • Dimension: 1050X830X830mm

  • Weight: 300KG

HD P&T Camera HD P&T Camera
  • IP68 up to 10m water depth

  • Working ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

  • Light source: 4x 3W LED light

  • The radial rotation 360°,horizontal rotation ±135°,one click to reset

  • 10X optical, 12X digital

  • Laser measurement for crack

  • Lens: color 1/3”, 2592*1520, CMOS, viewing angle 6.7°-68°,sensitive 0.1 lux, auto-focusing

  • Dimension( LxWxH): 155x95x90mm

  • Weight: about 1.5kg


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