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X3-M50 Push Rod Camera

The X3-M50 push rod type pipeline endoscope is composed of three parts: an integrated main controller, a flexible push rod cable reel, and a high-precision durable camera. The front-end camera of push cameras for pipe inspection is pushed into the pipeline by a flexible push rod cable to image the inside of the pipeline. Preview and record to achieve the purpose of detection.

Push rod camera is suitable for surveying and testing the interior of residential, small-scale commercial sites, special factories and municipal engineering pipelines, including slender, narrow, and curved pipelines that cannot be accessed by other testing instruments. Its operation is simple, powerful, and widely applicable.

X3-M50 Push Rod Camera Main Parts

Cable Wheel Cable Wheel
  • Wheel size: 768L*369W*820Hmm

  • Cable material: Fiberglass rod

  • Cable length: 60m-120m

  • Cable diameter:φ9.5mm, 9 cores

  • Wheel material: Stainless steel

  • Meter counter & handle-brake

  • Counter accuracy: 0.1m

  • Fiberglass color: Yellow

Camera Head Camera Head
  • Camera sizw: φ50mm*L107mm

  • Sensor size: 1/3 inch CCD

  • View angle: 90°

  • Manual focus & self-levelling

  • Camera light: 6pcs highlight LEDs

  • Resolution: 960TVLine

  • Glass material :Sapphire glass

  • Shell material: Aluminum alloy

  • Scope of focus: 20mm-infinite

Control Box Control Box
  • Work supply: DC 12V

  • Storage medium: SD card &USB stick(max 256G)

  • DVR Total pixels: 720X576(D1)

  • Video record(mp4) & picture snap(jpg)

  • 10 levels digital zoom

  • Microphone Audio record

  • Stereo earphone output

  • Digital clock& digital calendar


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X3-M50 Push Rod Camera Design

The camera in pipe inspection is an essential part of pipe inspection system. The small pipe camera provided by Easy Sight is of high quality.

Camera in Pipe Inspection

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