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X120-CIPP UV Light Curing Repair System

The X120-CIPP UV Light Curing Repair System is composed of a mobile control system, a transmission cable, a UV lamp holder, a high-definition lens and auxiliary tools. It mainly suitable for non-excavation repair projects of municipal pipe network, repair pipe diameter DN200-DN1600. Small size, light weight, can work with external generator; at the same time, it can be separated from the vehicle for operation in narrow streets.

X120-CIPP UV Light Curing Repair System Main Parts

Main Control System Main Control System
  • Integrated with control system, light train power system,air-blast system, cable reel system;

  • Power Supply: 380V,52KW generator is recommended;

  • Display control: integrated with IPC, 15.1 inch touch screen, keyboard and mouse;

  • Parameter setting: setting curing parameters with the software, including pipe diameter,  material thickness, the type of light train and quantity;

  • Graphic gathering: the front and rear dual-channel videos are displayed at the same time, and high-definition images can be stored (1920*1080P) to monitor the curing effect;

  • 150m two-core cable, cable diameter less than 9mm;

  • Size: 1700mm*750mm*1270mm

Light Train Light Train
  • Two types light train. The small light train is for DN200-800. The larger light train is for DN600-1600;

  • Using LED dot matrix light source, modular integration and fixing, no disassembly and assembly, long life, low power consumption, fast and safe;

  • Integrated with temperature sensor, pressure sensor, laser measurement sensor;

  • Electrical adjustment for the pipe diameter;

  • No infrared radiation, no harmful gas generation, in line with ROHS standards, no bursting and splashing, safer and more environmentally friendly


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