Pipeline Robots "Operate" on Urban Underground Pipes

1. The importance of underground pipe cleaning

The underground pipelines will be subject to erosion in rainy seasons, so regular "physical examinations" for pipelines are particularly important. Especially if it is hit by a typhoon, which is accompanied by heavy rain, all the garbage and broken branches in the affected city will be washed into the underground pipeline. If it is not cleaned up in time, the urban underground pipeline network will be blocked.

Repairing underground pipelines requires workers to go down into narrow pipelines. The space for movement is limited, and underground pipe cleaning can not be carried out effectively. It is also necessary to do some "damage" to the urban ground from time to time to solve the problem.

2. Pipeline robots "operate" on urban underground pipelines

Now there is a kind of underwater intelligent pipeline robot that shows its advantages in the inspection of drainage pipelines. This robot is about 60 centimeters long, which can travel about 120 meters in the pipeline, and can easily climb up and down small slopes along the way. It is supported by 4 wheels. These wheels come in groups of different sizes, which can be replaced according to the size of the pipe and the water level. And the core part of this robot is its "eyes"-two pipe cameras, which can record and take pictures in the underground 360° without blind spots, and return the pictures to the ground control terminal in real time. Whether the pipeline is corroded, disjointed, distorted, or sinking, or ruptured, it can all be discoved by its "eyes".

The underground pipelines are narrow and the air is dirty, which may cause safety hazards to the maintenance personnel. This kind of robot can accurately locate faults and help us achieve fixed-point repairs. The "problem" of the pipeline can be repaired without digging the road. In addition to surveys, pipeline robots can also help staff find various structural and functional defects in the pipeline in time, and can be equipped with a variety of operating equipment to perform tasks such as underwater obstacle cleaning, ring wall grinding and drilling.

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