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    Wuhan Easy-Sight Co Ltd is a professional pipe inspection company which focuses on creating globally most excellent detection products for customers. Our service concept is Innovative service, quality guarantee.
    If you are interested in our company products and has many frequently asked questions, like technical service, price, warranty, shipping matters, payment terms etc, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible.
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    Wuhan easy-sight Technology Co., Ltd has pipe periscope series (QV), pipeline CCTV robot series, pipeline sonar imager series, drilling TV imager series, pipeline electrical leak detector, famous known as pipeline detection expert in this industry.
1.We firmly believe that depending on the abundant strength, advanced equipment, perfect detection method, stable technology and outstanding professionals as well as our good faith and excellent service, we will certainly bring you satisfactory returns.
Technical Help
2.Wuhan easy-sight Technology Co., Ltd provides pipeline detection, maintenance, repair and technical services, which focused on providing efficient and environmentally friendly drainage network solutions.
Warranty Policy
The warranty time is 1 year, and maintain is lifelong. During this time, if any workpiece does not work well and which is not caused by the worker and can not control naturally, the supplier provide it free of charge, or customers can return it back, we will maintain it well.

Our Company's independent IPR product series are widely applied , such as pipeline periscope (QV), pipeline CCTV robot, pipeline sonar imager, push-rod pipeline endoscope, borehole TV camera, pipeline leak detector electrical method and pipeline special engineering vehicle.


In collaboration with China-US Joint Center for Trenchless R&D, our products are widely applied to infrastructure development including geophysical prospecting, urban development, municipal construction, national defense, water conservancy and hydro power.

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