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X5 CCTV Pipe Line Inspection Crawler, HD Camera Tractor,Testing Under Building Sewer Drain Pipeline

X5 series Pipeline CCTV Inspection robot is composed of crawler, Camera, cable reel and main controller. There into,crawler can be overlapped with different models of Camera (i.e., Pan & Tilt Camera, Axial Camera Camera, fish-eye Camera) to response the operation orders of the main controller after connecting the cable reel with the main controller, such as crawler's advance, reverse, turning, stopping and speed adjustment; the Camera bracket’s lifting, fall, lighting adjustment; Camera's horizontal or vertical rotation, focusing, magnification change,
forward and backward switching, etc. During the testing, the main controller can display and record images from the Camera and state information of the creeper in time, input the remark information on the touch screen

It is mainly used for pipe, sewer, drain inspection. The device is equipped with powerful lights and portable power supply. The longest cable can be 300 meters according to the requirements of customers. It is a waterproofed product that can be immersed into water up to 10 meters

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