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X6 Electric Leakage Detector

X6 pipeline electrical method leak detector can measure loop current changes between two electrodes and the ground , and then predicate pipe leak conditions. This leakage detector is professional at leakage point location, leakage point evaluation and leakage point classification. It can inspect at site and precise locate pipe leakage point, and provide optimized repair target and low cost repair method for pipe repairing.

X6 Leakage detector can be used for new pipeline acceptance inspection, pipe after-repairing verification, use underground pipe leakage point for making statistical classification, grading evaluation, inspection location and so on.
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Advantage of X6 Leakage Detector

  • One time inspection can find out all inner pipe wrong connection and break leakage point.
  • Locate pipe flaw with high precision with 5cm
  • Low cost and high efficient

Technical parameters of X6 Electric Leakage Detector


Main Controller

-Display unit: 12.1 inches industrial-grade HD bright LCD touch screen, resolution 1024 * 768,
 with anti-glare function, visual under the strong light;

-Interface: integrated video output, USB interface, data, power cable interface.

-Interactive button: button start an analysis software, conduct interpretation and report analysis.

-Size: 380mm * 240mm * 70mm

-Weight: 3.5kg


-Stainless steel shell, durable;

-Military aviation connectors, quality assurance

-Waterproof rating: IP68 (underwater 10 meters)




-Counting: high precision coder(+ 0.1M), used for measuring the length of cables;

-Cable arrangement: manual winding device;

-Protection: IP63, dust proof and water-spattering resistance;

-compatibility: applicable to various models of creepers;

-Size: 330mm * 420mm * 570mm.

-Length: standard cable length is of 150m and it can be customized.

Construction Cite of X6 Electric Leakage Detector

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