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X5-HW Pipeline Robot

X5-HW2 are suitable for pipes with a diameter range of 800mm to 4000mm and a detection distance of up to 2000 meters, It is a product designed for large long distance drainage pipeline. Its most notable feature is the long single detection distance, which can solve the problems that traditional pipeline detection robot cannot detect long-distance pipeline.
X5-HW2 consists of four parts: crawler, Camera, cable reel and master control. Crawler can be equipped with different specifications of the Camera (such as the rotating Camera, direct view Camera, fisheye Camera), through the connection of cable reel and master control controller, the crawler responses to the operating commands of master control controller. For example, the forward, backward, steering, stop and speed adjustment of crawler; the Camera seat is raised, lowered, and lighted; the horizontal or vertical rotation, focus, and zoom of the Camera, etc., front and rear view switching and so on.

In the detection process, the master control maker can display in real time and record the images returned by the camera and the status information of crawler, and input the remarks by touch screen or keyboard. Using x5-hw2 pipeline CCTV detection robot generate on-site inspection reports that meet industry standards.
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Advantage of X5-HW Pipeline Robot

  • The whole machine is light weight: light weight master control, light weight cable reel, and light weight crawler;
    PC control: use laptop (tablet) as a host to control crawler;
  • Efficient detection: quick assembly on site, time-saving and efficient;
    Quick assembly: fast data transmission with no need to connect cable;
  • Good synchronization: synchronization display of the before and after video screens;
    HD highlight: high definition camera with highlight combination light source;
  • Stable performance: the whole machine is waterproof and explosion-proof;
    Little effort with no worries : easy to disassemble, and master control has zero failure;

Technical parameters of X5-HW Pipeline Robot


Main controller

-Host configuration: using laptop as a host, built-in collection analysis software; CPU / memory / storage capacity / screen size and other parameters can be freely configured;

-Control function: control crawler travel, uplift up and down, lens rotation, cable reel retractable line, light source adjustment and so on;

-Video display: can display boththe front and rear videos,adjustable display resolution;

-Status display: real-time display date and time, travel distance, crawler attitude information, and can set the information display font, font size and background color;

-Text entry:Chinese andEnglish and other characters entry, andoverlapping display in the video screen can be achieved;

-Use auxiliary: can automatically identify the crawler model, calculate theadaptablediameter, real-time display crawler lens from the ground height;

-Clock indication: the current defect location can be clocked and displayed;

-Alarm function: with Roll angle over-limit alarm, effectively prevent rollovers; with high pressure, too low alarm capabilities;

-Slope measurement:equipped withstandard slope measurement software,can conductpipeline slope measurement to draw curves and generate reports;

-Interactive button:one-button start analysis software,to conductinterpretation and report analysis;


Electric cable reel

-Count: high precision (± 0.01m) encoder for measuring the length of the cable line;

-Paying off: electric cable reel, motor drive Automatic take-up;

-Protection: IP63, dustproof, waterproof;  

-Size: 1050mm * 830mm * 830mm.

-Weight: 300kg.

-Maximum take-off speed: 30m / min.

-Length:the standard cable length is 2050m


-Protection: IP68, can be used for 10 meterswaterdepth, airtight protection, built-in air pressure sensor, pressure indicator lamp;

-Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

-Applicablepipediameter: 800mm ~ 4000mm;

-Material: brass, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum (under anti-corrosion treatment);

-Lens lift: electric lift frame, The gap can reach up to 380mm (when the lifting frame reaches the highest point, the axis of the camera is 1000mm from the center of the shaft; andwhenthe shaft of the camera is down to the lowest point, the center of the camera is 620mm from the center of the shaft);

-Drive: dual 250W DC motor, 8-wheel drive,with a maximum walking speed of up to 12m / min;

-Climbing:theclimbing capacityisgreater than 15 °, which cancross 100mmbarrier; 

-Circuit protection: motor stalling, over current, overvoltage protection;

-Lighting source: forwardsix 10W and backward two 10W highlight spotlight LED lamps, all light source brightnessarecontinuously adjustable;

-Rear view lens: integrated rear view lens and light for the observation of reversing and cable recovery duringcrawler recovery, theresolutionofrear view lensis1280 * 720 (100W pixels);

-Wheel:equipped withtwo sets of wheels to support the output wheel expansion,andto apply to differentpipediameters;

-Size: Min: 780mm * 580mm * 490mm, Max: 1400mm * 860mm * 2355mm;

Weight: Minimum: 180kg, Max: 300kg.


-Protection class: IP68, can be used for 10 meters water depth, airtight protection,internal air pressure sensor, pressure indicator lamp;

-Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

-Lens rotation: electric rotation, radial 360 degree infinite rotation,pitch 2 * 90 degree rotation, one key return;

-Lighting source:four3W floodlight LED;

-Zoom: auto focus, can be manually adjusted, 10 times optical zoom;

-Imaging system: Color 1/3 "CMOS;

-Angle of view: 6.7 ° -68 °;

-Resolution: 2130 thousand pixels (1920 * 1080P);

-Sensitivity: 0.1LUX;

-Compatibility: can be loaded onto the same brand, anddifferent types of crawlers for use;

-Size: 155mm * 95mm * 90mm;

-Weight:about 1.5kg.

Construction site of X5-HW Pipeline Robot

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