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X5-HS Pipeline Robot

X5-HS pipeline CCTV Inspection robot is composed of crawler, Camera, cable reel and the main controller. Thereinto, crawler can be overlapped with different models of Camera (i.e., Pan & Tilt Camera, Axial Camera Camera, fish-eye Camera) to response the operation orders of the main controller after connecting the cable reel with the main controller, such as crawler's advance, reverse, turning, stopping and speed adjustment; the Camera bracket's lifting, fall, lighting adjustment; Camera's horizontal or vertical rotation, focusing, magnification change, forward and backward switching, etc. During the testing, the main controller can display and record images from the Camera and state information of the creeper in time, input the remark information on the touchscreen.
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Advantage of X5-HS Pipeline Robot

  • The whole machine is light weight: light weight master control, light weight cable reel, and light weight crawler;
    PC control: use laptop (tablet) as a host to control crawler;

  • Efficient detection: quick assembly on site, time-saving and efficient;
    Quick assembly: fast data transmission with no need to connect cable;

  • Good synchronization: synchronization display of the before and after video screens;
    HD highlight: high definition camera with highlight combination light source;

  • Stable performance: the whole machine is waterproof and explosion-proof;
    Little effort with no worries : easy to disassemble, and master control has zero failure;

Technical parameters of X5-HS Pipeline Robot


Main controller

-Available in any notebook computer as the control system

-Wireless control

-Real-time display date and time, travel distance, crawling attitude information and set the display font information, font size,background color.

-Front and rear sights display on the same interface at the same time.

Electric cable reel

-Standard cable length 150M

-Two-core cable, great reduce joint failure rate

-Automatic retractable cord


-IP68 up to 10 meters water depth.

-Diameter: DN300mm--DN2000mm

-Material:brass,stainless steel,aluminum alloy;

-Electric lift frame, removable

-Forward 12 bright condenser LED lights; after the two highlight LED; All the light intensity continuously adjustable brightness


-IP68 up to 10m water depth

-High resolution 1920*1080

-Electric rotation, 360° radial limitless rotation,one clink for reset.

-Four LED lights

-Sensitivity 0.1Lux

Construction Cite of X5-HS Pipeline Robot

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