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X3-M50 Pipeline Push Camera

X3-M50 push-rod type pipeline endoscope camera, featured with simple operation, powerful functions, and wide applicable scope, mainly applies to survey and detection for the inside of pipeline in residential areas, small business places, special factories and municipal works, including long, narrow, or curved pipeline that cannot be accessed with other testing instruments.

X3-M50 push-rod type pipeline endoscope camera is composed of an integrated main controller, a flexible push-rod type cable winch and a durable high-precision camera. The flexible push-rod type cable is used to push the camera at its front into the pipeline, to view and record the image inside the pipeline, so as to complete its detection.

X3-M50 push-rod type pipeline endoscope camera can be used for rapid video survey, acceptance and census evaluation for drainage pipeline or pipeline network; combined with the interpretation analysis on the detection video with "PipeSight" pipeline video interpretation software, it can generate a test report and an intuitive electronic map according to the requirements of various assessment standards.
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Advantage of X3-M50 Pipeline Push Camera

  • Wide visibility and wide applicable environment for urban rain, sewage, interflow pipelines as well as urban water supply, industrial wastewater pipelines, etc.
  • High definition camera with the highlight combination light source, and high degree of protection.

Technical parameters of X3-M50 Pipeline Push Camera


Main controller

Size: 401*240*86.5mm

10.1 inch LCD highlight LCD screen

Total pixels: 1280 * 800

Storage media: SD card (up to 256G)

USB function (up to 256G)

Main functions: video, photo, audio, typing, counting

8-level digital zoom

Video Format: AVI  Picture Format: JPG

External HDMI (High Definition Interface)

Battery: Polymer lithium battery 6000MAH 12V

Metric and imperial conversion

Reset function


Size: 60*146mm

Total length: 360mm

Pixel: 1920*1080

Perspective: 60°

Rotation: horizontal 360° vertical 180°

Sensor Size: 1/2.9 SONY COMS

Manual focus

Focus Distance: 200~1000MM

Camera light: 4 LEDS (white) adjustable

Adjustable lamp holder: 8 levels Total LED power: 4*1W

Lens material: sapphire glass

Shell material: aluminum alloy

Waterproof rating: IP68

Cable wheel

Cable Size:875*978*406mm

Cable Material: fiberglass rod

Cable Length: 60m standard

Cable Diameter: ø9.5mm, 9cores

Cable Wheel Material: stainless steel

Counter Accuracy: 0.1m

Counter Deviation: ±1%

Metric and imperial conversion

Reset function

Construction Cite of X3-M50 Pipeline Push Camera

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