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X3-M30 Pipeline Push-rod Camera

X3-M30 pipe push-rod camera is suitable for surveying and testing with residential, small commercial sites, specialty factories and municipal pipelines, including slender, narrow, curved pipes that cannot be accessed by other inspection instruments. Its operation is simple, powerful wide range of application.

X4 Pipe push-rod camera is made up of three parts: an integrated main controller, a flexible putter cable tray, a high-precision and durable camera. The flexible push rod cable is used to push the front end camera into the inside of the pipe. Previewing and recording the images of the inside condition of the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of testing.
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Advantages of X3-M30 Pipeline Push-rod Camera

  • Wide visibility and wide applicable environment for urban rain, sewage, interflow pipelines as well as urban water supply, industrial wastewater pipelines, etc.
  • High definition camera with the highlight combination light source, and high degree of protection.

Technical parameters of X3-M30 Pipeline Push-rod Camera


Common parameters

-Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

-Storage -Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;

-Size: 575*265*520mm

-Weight: 10kg

Main Controller

-Screen: 7-inch highlight LCD screen, 16:9, 800 * 480 RGB

-Images:  Support image mirror to reverse

-Vido format: support PAL 720*576/NTSC 720*480

-Video code: H.264

-Images: support photographing function, with image size of 720 * 576/720 * 480

-Audio recording: support

-Output: Audio and video output

-Storage: support a single 32G SD card

-Data interface: USB2.0, for data transmission

-LED driver: built-in LED dimmer

-Playback: video and image

-Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese

-Power consumption: 12V/700Ma

-Duration: 7h

-Charging time: 8h

-Text entry: input testing information from the keyboard


-Pipe Diameter: 25-200mm

-Cable length: standard 20 meters,max 40meters

-Cable arrangement: manual winding device;

-Protection: IP63, 10 meter water depth

-Image sensor; color 1/3” CCD

-Image resolution: PAL,795(H)X596(V),≥0.46 million pixel line number 480HTVL

-Camera angle: 135 degree

-Camera return function: support

-Size: 23*45mm

-Probe total length: 120mm or 250mm

-Camera protection: high-quality scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens and 304# stainless steel cover

-compatibility: applicable to various models of creepers;

-Size: 330mm * 420mm * 570mm.

-Length: standard cable length is of 150m and it can be customize

Construction Cite of X3-M30 Pipeline Push Camera

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