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X1-B Pipeline Periscope

X1-B pipeline periscope is mainly used for quick testing and diagnosis of internal conditions of industrial container or pipeline. It can record and save the internal image of the tested object during the testing, while it can catch the saved defect images rapidly, or input characters by keyboard, overlap-display and save them in the video during recording, defect codes can be logged in by functional key. With the high degree of integration as well as portability, the built-in high-performance battery is used for power supply, which is suitable for the outdoor mobile work environment.

With modularized design, it can realize its functional expansion by adding relative modules, such as electric Pan & Tilt camera probe, standby battery, laser distance-testing module, wireless image transmission module, video glasses, auxiliary light source and so on. X1 is used to rapidly detect and accept, generally investigate and assess drainage pipes or pipe networks, determine and analyze testing videos to form testing reports and Axial Camera electronic maps by“PipeSight pipeline testing video determination report software".
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Advantages of X1-B Pipeline Periscope

  • The weight lighter.Industrial grade tablet instead of traditional control,offers two kinds of straps and suspenders worn ways.
  • Without connecting cables the host and the Camera and the action bars. Using integrated packaging, the scene without assembly, time-saving and efficient.
  • High-definition cameras, highlight combined sources
  • High degree of protection, water-proof and explosion-proof.

Technical parameters of X1-B Pipeline Periscope




- Display: 7.0" high-luminance wide visual angle display screen,

- Memory: 32GB SD card, AVI video recording format;

-Screenshot: rapidly catch and save defect images during video recording;

- Playback: browser and play back video files or pictures;

- Control: one-key control over focusing and magnification change, one-key control over the pitching of probe (optional);

-Battery: built-in 25.2V chargeable lithium battery with capacity of 13000mAh, 8h charging

- Explosion protection: support

Camera probe

-Applicable pipe diameter: 100mm~2000mm;

- Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃;

-Distance-measuring function: based on optical distance measurement, it can be overlapped with laser distance-measuring module, with range of no more than 60m;

-Lighting: 2*4 high-luminance LED illuminating lamps, with intensity of illumination up to 13000cp output, 6 light beams, testing length of straight pipeline is no more than 50m, double reflection type with spotlight and floodlight can be adopted, with maintenance period up to 50000h, additionally auxiliary lighting sources can be connected;

- Image sensor: colorful 1/4” CCD;pixels, number of wires up to 560HTVL;

- Camera angle: horizontal 57.8°(wide angle), 1.7°(far sight);

-Pitching control: lens can be rotary upward and downward, with pitching angle of no more than 120;

-Magnification change focusing: 432:1( 36:1 optics, 12:1 digital)

magnification change, automatic or manual focusing;

- Sensitivity: color mode: 0.1LUX ; black-white mode: 0.01LUX; infrared sensitive emulsion:0LUX;

-Waterproof standard: IP68, applicable for the underwater test, totaling 45m away from the water surface.

- Electric rotation (optional): probe can carry out an electric pitching rotation up to 2 * 75°.

7. Image resolution: PAL system, 795(H)X596(V), no less than 460,000

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