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UV light curing system

Easy Sight UV Curing System include UV Patch system and whole pipe Light curing system

X120-D, as a restoration equipment mainly used to restore the defect points of drain pipe, can restore the defect points accurately by selecting the pipe plugs with different  specifications according to the pipelines with different diameters.

The X120-Dpatch short liner system is mainly comprised of the master control system and the pipe plug, with the key features of high efficiency, accuracy and controllability. After the pretreatment of pipelines, move the pipe plug with restorative materials to the position to be restored, and inflate the pipe plug to the given pressure to stick the restorative materials onto the pipe wall tightly. The solidification will be finished after 8-10 minutes after opening the ultraviolet lamp inside the pipe plug. Then, deflate the pipe plug, take up the cable reel and remove the pipe plug. And at the time, the restoration is completed.

X120-UV portable light curing system consists of mobile control system, transmission cable, UV light fixture, high definition Camera and auxiliary tools. It is mainly applicable to trenchless repair of municipal pipe network and repaired pipe diameter is DN200-DN1600. It can be operated in small size, light weight, and with external generator, can be loaded with blue brand vehicles, and is not limited by restrictions; at same time it can be separated from vehicle to operate in narrow street.

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