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Sonar System

X4 Series Pipeline Sonar Inspection System is very suitable detection for full of water without emptying conditions, any traditional video testing method fails to obtain a better testing effect. However, X4 pipeline section sonar imager is just applicable to such pipelines (various pipelines with the diameter or section up to 125mm~6000mm). For structural defects (such as deformation, collapse, crack, encrustation, the secret joint of branch pipelines, etc.) and functional defects (such as deposition, floaters) of most pipelines, X4 pipeline section sonar imager can reach an accurate effect and a mouse is adopted for measurement and analysis.

X4 pipeline section sonar imager is composed of four parts including sonar capsule, cable reel, host computer and Pipe Sonar pipeline sonar testing imaging analysis software. By adopting sonar imaging technology, the underwater scanning unit (sonar capsule) is placed underwater inside the pipeline (both the full and semi-full pipeline are available) and the image moves by the creeper or artificial dragging (sliding or floating) inside the pipeline. Integrating Pipe Sonar pipeline sonar testing imaging analysis software, the host computer can acquire and display profile pictures with high resolution. Any deposition and coagulation inside the pipeline or structural damage pipe wall damage on the pipe wall can be determined by the analysis of profile features.

When the sonar capsule scan a circle, the sonar control system will get data or points, by every circle or point, by 3D calculate, and draw the effect picture, show it on the laptop.The colorful image is the reference to the distance between the inspection point and sonar. By the transformation of color, we can check the pipe straightly. X4 Series sonar inspection system is waterproof: IP68, maximum underwater depth up to 1000m.

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