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X1 Series pipeline periscope is mainly used for quick testing and diagnosis of internal conditions of industrial container or pipeline, and also an extremely reliable and affordable inspection device used to inspect tanks, manholes, pipelines, etc. with zoom video, optional laser ranging, wireless transmission and other specialized functions. It can record and save the internal image of the tested object during the testing, while it can catch the saved defect images rapidly, or input characters by keyboard, overlap-display and save them in the video during recording, defect codes can be logged in by functional key. With the high degree of integration as well as portability, the built-in high-performance battery is used for power supply, which is suitable for the outdoor mobile work environment.

X1 series pipeline periscope is used to rapidly detect and accept, generally investigate and assess drainage pipes, determine and analyze testing videos to form testing reports and Axial Camera electronic maps by "PipeSight pipeline testing video determination report software".

The periscope camera is waterproof (IP 68), long-term immersion in the water depth of 10 meters, allowing it to be used widely for inspection in the sewer, water, and waste mainlines ducts and pipes. And power is provided by a portable built-in rechargeable lithium battery, providing a charge for up to 4-6 hours of use.

X1 Series periscope display is 8.1 highlight touch screen, the screen resolution of 1280 * 800, can connect with other parts by WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G network response other functions.

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