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Push Cameras

X3 Series push-rod type pipeline endoscope camera, featured with simple operation, powerful functions, and wide applicable scope, mainly applies to survey and detection for the inside of pipeline in residential areas, small business places, special factories and municipal works, including long, narrow, or curved pipeline that cannot be accessed with other testing instruments, suitable for thin, narrow, turn pipeline

X3 Series push-rod type pipeline endoscope camera is composed of an integrated main controller, a flexible push-rod type cable winch, and a durable high-precision camera. The flexible push-rod type cable is used to push the camera at its front into the pipeline, to view and record the image inside the pipeline, so as to complete its detection.

X3 Series push-rod type pipeline endoscope camera can be used for rapid video survey, acceptance and census evaluation for drainage pipeline or pipeline network; combined with the interpretation analysis on the detection video with "PipeSight" pipeline video interpretation software, it can generate a test report and an intuitive electronic map according to the requirements of various assessment standards.

The push camera is waterproof (IP 68), long-term immersion in the water depth of 10 meters.The pipe inspection camera is usually of pipes diameter from 50mm to 400mm.
A rechargeable battery pack is included within the case along with 20M-60M of fiberglass rod cable. Feeding the camera through a pipe or cavity whilst monitoring the LCD video screen provides for instantaneous visual inspections

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