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Document Of The State Council: Strengthen Testing To Ensure Drinking Water Safety

The State Council's opinions on further strengthening the patriotic health work in the new era.

State issued [2014] No. 66

The people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council and agencies directly under the State Council:

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has made clear its proposal to carry out the patriotic health campaign and promote people's physical and mental health. The Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China have made a major strategic plan for comprehensively deepening reform, promoting the rule of law and putting forward clear requirements for deepening the reform of medical and health system, innovating social governance and promoting the all-round development of human beings. The State Council has emphasized that the patriotic health work should be carried out in an in-depth and sustainable way so as to further improve the health awareness and health level of the people. To implement the spirit of the Congress and the two sessions, and the deployment decisions of the State Council, further strengthen patriotic health work in the new era, improve the urban and rural environment, improve people's health, and promote the coordinated development of economy and society, we put forward the following opinions:

1. A profound understanding of the significance of patriotic health work in the new era

The patriotic health campaign is a great initiative and successful practice of the party and government to apply the mass line to the work of health and disease prevention. It's an important part of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. For a long time, under the strong leadership of the party and the government, the patriotic health work has always been focused on solving the outstanding health problems in the production and life of the people, translating the political, organizational and cultural advantages of our country into concrete actions to continuously improve the health and well-being of the people. This has vigorously promoted the improvement of the quality of the whole nation's civilized health, constantly satisfied the growing needs of the people's body and mind, and won high praise from the general public and the international community.

With the rapid development of our country's economy and society, the patriotic health work is facing some new situations and problems. The first is that the factors that affect health are increasingly complex. The development of China's regions, as well as urban and rural areas, is non-balanced. The problems of poor health infrastructures and environmental sanitation in some places are still outstanding. At the same time, along with the acceleration of industrialization, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Food and drinking water safety problems happen frequently. People's production and life style have undergone great changes. All these accounts for the fact that factors affecting health are increasing. Second, urban health management is facing severe challenges. With the rapid development of urbanization, the rapid increase in population, traffic congestion, lack of public service, and the heavy mental pressure of residents in large and middle cities are becoming increasingly prominent. The comprehensive management and service capacity of urban health is difficult to adapt to the needs of development, and the social health working pattern of integrating health to public policies has not yet been formed. Third, the health literacy of the masses needs to be promoted. With the improvement of living standards, people have higher expectations for physical and mental health, but authoritative, scientific and accurate access to health knowledge is not always available. The pertinence and effectiveness of health education are not strong. Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, excessive drinking, lack of exercise and irrational diet are commonly seen. Fourth, there is an urgent need to improve the way of patriotic health work. With the change of social structure and the adjustment of interest pattern, great changes have taken place in people's values and behaviors, which brings great challenges to the traditional patriotic health work. According to the requirements of the new era, there are still some weak links in patriotic health work, such as a low level of legalization, inadequate coordination function and innovation of mass work methods, and weakening of grass-roots capabilities.

To do a good job of patriotic health work in the new era is an effective way to adhere to the people-oriented ideology and to solve the problems affecting people's health at present. It's an important part of improving the environment and strengthening the construction of ecological civilization. It is a necessary requirement to build a healthy China and a well-off society in an all-around way. All regions and departments should further improve the awareness of the importance of patriotic health work, inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the patriotic health movement, adapt to the new situations and tasks, improve working connotation, improve the working mechanism, innovate working methods, and strengthen the patriotic health work in the new era with the spirit of reform and innovation.

2. Guiding ideology and the overall goal of patriotic health work in the new era

1) Guiding ideology. Guided by the "Deng Xiaoping Theory", "Three Represents" and the scientific outlook on development, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Combining deepening reform of the medical and healthcare system, we will continue to promote reform and innovation in an all-around way by adhering to the leadership of the government, the work of the department, the masses, the social participation, the governance of the law, and scientific guidance. We should give full play to the advantages of the mass movement and focus on the risk factors that affect the health of the people. We will continue to improve the urban and rural environment, effectively safeguard the people's health rights and interests, and provide a strong guarantee for the coordinated development of the economy and society.

2) Overall objectives. Through the extensive patriotic health campaigns, the urban and rural environmental sanitation conditions have been significantly improved and the major environmental hazards affecting health have been effectively eliminated; The people's civilized and hygienic quality has been significantly improved and the healthy lifestyle has been popularized; A healthy social and policy environment has been further formed and key infectious diseases and chronic diseases, endemic disease, mental illnesses and other public health problems have been well-prevented. Health level has been improved significantly for China's urban and rural residents.

3. Strive to create a good environment for health improvement

1) Conduct further environmental sanitation campaigns in urban and rural areas. Combined with the construction of new socialist villages and beautiful countrysides and improved living environments in rural areas, as well as the rural community pilot work, focusing on the treatment of waste water in rural areas and the renovation of weak urban environmental sanitation areas, we will continue to carry out a clean and tidy action and interactively solve the environmental health problems in urban and rural areas. The implementation of unified planning, construction, management and operation of urban and rural domestic waste and sewage is carried out in the county. It is necessary to promote urban garbage disposal facilities and services to the rural areas, and constantly improve the proportion of administrative villages that deal with domestic waste and sewage. The collection and disposal of garbage and the recycling of resources are carried out, and the waste is gradually being dealt with in the smaller-amount, resource-oriented and harmless way. Prevent and control the pollution of livestock and poultry breeding, promote the comprehensive treatment and utilization of livestock and poultry manure, strengthen the collection and harmless disposal of dead livestock and poultry, standardize pesticide packaging, plastic film, and other waste disposals, and promote the comprehensive utilization of straws. It's forbidden to burn the straw at will. Strictly control the market access of live poultry, supervise and regulate its order, and gradually implement the system of“pointed slaughtering and marketing of well-slaughtered poultry".  The ecologically clean small watershed management should be carried out to improve the water environment in rural rivers. Focus on the haze area, adhere to the control of its source, and pay attention to the comprehensive treatment of fine particles and inhalable particles. The formulation or revision of village rules, implementing cleaning system, organizing and carrying out compulsory labor to clean up litter, the demolition of illegal buildings, and dredging ponds and rivers, as well as creating a clean, orderly and healthy living and production environment should be necessary.

2) Ensure the safety of drinking water. The whole supervision system from water source protection, tap water production to safe water supply should be established; The water quality monitoring will be strengthened to ensure the safety of drinking water. We should strengthen the protection and management of drinking water source, standardize its construction, and implement the comprehensive pollution control in the water source protection area. We should speed up the transformation and construction of urban water supply facilities, strengthen the construction of drinking water safety projects in rural areas, especially in key endemic areas, establish and improve long-term mechanisms for water supply maintenance, and further improve the quality of water supply. Where conditions permit, the urban water supply network should be first extended to the countryside or the construction of inter-village and -township centralized water supply projects. We should develop large-scale centralized water supply and solve the problem of drinking water safety in rural schools. We should strengthen the construction of drinking water sanitation monitoring capacity and set up a monitoring network for drinking water sanitation monitoring in urban and rural areas. Gradually, the prefecture-level cities will have the ability to detect all 106 water quality indicators stipulated in the Health Standards for Drinking Water (GB 5749-2006), and the county level areas will have the ability to detect conventional indicators concerning water quality.

3) Speed up the pace for reconstructing rural toilets. The process of building harmless sanitary toilets in rural areas should be accelerated according to the local conditions and by centralization and whole village promotion. Efforts should be made to complete the reconstruction of toilets in the eastern and the affordable mid-western households in 2020 so as to effectively prevent and control the epidemic of intestinal infectious diseases and parasitic illnesses. The new rural houses and the protection of the affordable housing projects should be equipped with harmless sanitary toilets. Harmless public toilets should be built in schools, township hospitals, community comprehensive service centers, fairs, township government offices, tourist attractions and railway highways and other public places. We should strengthen the follow-up service and management of the toilet, educate and guide farmers to use sanitary latrines, and establish a long-term management mechanism, equal to the construction, management and use of sanitary toilets. We should strengthen the research on the suitable technology for toilet modification, and popularize the new technology of "four format ecological toilets" and the like in the conditional rural areas. We should give full play to the guiding role of financial funds, rationally integrate project resources, mobilize the participation of social forces effectively, and form a multiparty investment pattern of toilet financing.

4) Scientific prevention and control of vector organisms. Establish a sound vector monitoring network to carry out regular monitoring and investigation. A comprehensive prevention and control strategy based on environmental governance should be implemented to eliminate vectors and prevent epidemics of dengue fever and epidemic hemorrhagic fever. The monitoring and prevention and control of vector organisms at border ports should be strengthened to prevent the trans-boundary transmission of vector organisms to the maximum. We should strengthen the research on the medicine, equipment, and technology of vector biological prevention and control, improve management and technical standards, improve the effectiveness of prevention and control, and reduce environmental pollution. The drugs and instruments used in the vector biological prevention and control must comply with the state relevant regulations and illegal drugs are prohibited. Promote the market-oriented development of vector biological prevention and control service and standardize the service behaviors.

4. Improve the people's quality of civilization and health in an all-around way

1) Strengthen the health education and promotion. We should develop and practice the socialist core values, vigorously conducting activities such as hygiene, eliminating bad habits, and abandoning the uncivilized behaviors such as throwing up, messing up and doing things in disorder, and improving the public awareness of civilization and health, creating a harmonious, spiritually civilized and new-style society, and increasing the press media to make public health publicity for health prevention and prevention. Health education is integrated into the national education system and combined with various health theme days, regular publicity and education activities are organized. We should create ways and carriers of health education, and make full use of new media such as the Internet and mobile clients to disseminate health knowledge, so as to improve the pertinence, accuracy, and effectiveness of health education. We should strengthen the content construction of health education, organize and publish scientific knowledge of disease prevention, timely monitor, and correct false information, resolutely suppress false advertisements, such as false drugs and advertisements, and crack down on false and profit-seeking misleading publicity activities. We will continue to carry out activities such as the healthy China line, national health literacy promotion action, the national healthy lifestyle action and the national health science and technology activities, so as to create a batch of brand activities of health education. Health care institutions should actively carry out health education in the provision of medical services, and promote the key population to change their bad habits and form a healthy lifestyle.

2) Promote national fitness activities. Building healthy footpaths, health theme parks, and other supportive environments to improve the sports and fitness conditions for urban and rural residents, the operation and utilization rate of public sports facilities will be improved to form a sound public service system for both urban and rural people. We should strengthen the sports awareness work of young people and improve their physique. In terms of policies and measures, we should increase the support for the physical health of teenagers that students should participate in physical activities for at least one hour every day during school. We will strengthen staff' and workers' sports, promote the implementation of the work and exercise system by institutions, enterprises, and institutions, and establish a staff fitness team to carry out fitness and competition activities that meet the characteristics of the unit.  We should strengthen the scientific research on fitness for all, popularize the methods of physical fitness monitoring and scientific fitness, guide every individual to carry out fitness activities according to their physical and health conditions and improve the scientific fitness level for the masses. We should hold various forms of community fitness activities, establish incentive mechanisms, and guide and encourage people to participate in fitness activities regularly and persistently. We should give full play to the advantages of the traditional Chinese medicine to cure diseases and vigorously promote and standardize the traditional health keeping and fitness activities.

3) Measures for the implementation of tobacco control. Actively conduct tobacco control education, improve health warning labels, raise public awareness of the dangerous tobacco properly, and promote the formation of non-smoking. Leading officials at all levels should take the initiative to give full play to the role of taking the lead and exemplary compliance with the regulations of the smoking ban in public places. We will strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations that prohibit selling cigarettes to minors, reducing the number of new smokers by taking teenagers as the key target in the prevention and intervention of smoking. We should carry out the service of quitting smoking counseling hotline and smoking cessation outpatient, so as to improve the ability of smoking cessation intervention. We must conscientiously implement the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and fully implement the smoking ban in public places, creating smoke-free medical institutions, schools, units and even environments.

5. Actively promote the comprehensive treatment of social health

1) Further promote the establishment of sanitary towns. The establishment of sanitary towns as an effective carrier to improve the level of urban health management and promote the development of a work pattern where health and family planning, urban construction, environmental protection, transportation, agriculture, industry and commerce, food and drug supervision, and other sectors are widely involved in the working pattern of the wholly social participation. We should speed up the construction of health infrastructures, improve the long-term mechanism of health management, and effectively solve the problems of urban health management. Judging by the actual situation, formulate scientific and reasonable goals of establishing and implementing schemes, carry out the construction work, and improve the health quality of cities and towns to avoid "image projects" and other issues. We should strengthen the technical guidance and supervision on the establishment of sanitary towns, improve the evaluation standards and methods, perfect the exit mechanism, and carry out dynamic management to the sanitary towns. We should give full play to the typical demonstration role of the establishment of sanitary towns, and promote the overall improvement of the quality of urban and rural human settlements. By 2020, the number of national health cities will have increased to 40% of the total number of cities; The number of national health towns will have increased to 5% of the total number of townships and towns of the whole country.

2) Explore the construction of healthy cities. Combining promotion of the new urbanization construction, we should encourage and support healthy urban construction, and strive to create an upgraded version of healthy towns to promote the coordinated development of urban construction and human health. According to actual urban developments, a healthy city development plan is compiled, focusing on building a healthy environment, a healthy society, and a healthy population. The relevant contents of health policies are included in various other public policies, such as urban planning, municipal construction, road traffic, social security. We should combine them closely with deepening the medical reform, constantly optimize health services, vigorously promote equalization of basic public health services, the transformation of health services from disease to health management, and the healthy city concept into communities, schools, enterprises, organs, and barracks,  and improve the degree of social participation. Drawing on the international experience, establishing a healthy urban construction index and an evaluation system suitable for the national conditions of our country. Organize a third party of specialized agencies to do the evaluation of construction effects and study the effective mode of promoting the construction of healthy cities.

6. Improve the level of patriotic health work

1) Give full play to the coordinated role of the patriotic health movement in the prevention and control of diseases. In the prevention and control of infectious diseases, endemic diseases, chronic diseases and mental disorders, we should give full play to the organizational coordination role of the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee at all levels. We will push relevant departments to cooperate with each other to implement the comprehensive prevention and control measures such as the management of infectious diseases, control of risk factors, the popularization of disease prevention knowledge and social psychological support.  We should implement the prevention-first principle, giving full play to the unique advantages of patriotic health work according to the law of epidemic and the situation of the study. Mobilize and deploy as early as possible. Mobilize the forces of all parties to control the occurrence and dissemination of diseases from the source. We should adhere to the group control and give full play to the mass work advantages of the grass-roots patriotic health institutions, such as the townships (streets), urban and rural communities, institutions, enterprises and institutions, and the like. We should strengthen the cooperation between professional prevention and control and the participation of the masses, forming a working pattern to prevent and control diseases and promote health. We should do a good job in dealing with public health emergencies, prevention and control of major epidemic situations, and protection of health and epidemic prevention for large-scale activities. Organize and conduct the environment and drinking water disinfection, food security, prevention and control of disease vectors and waste collection and processing work in response to major natural disasters, ensuring no major epidemics after the disaster.

2) Improve the level of scientific governance of patriotic health work according to law. We should carry out in-depth policy researchers, pay attention to experience accumulation, refine the work laws, and form a result of the popularization of the patriotic health theories. In order to adapt to the new situation, we need to study and promote the legislation concerning patriotic health . We will timely enhance the experience and good practice that have proved effective in practice to enable them part of laws, thus further improving laws, regulations and standards. We should implement the laws and regulations on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other ones, take effective measures to put various legal systems into practice, and improve the administrative and governance level according to law. We should strengthen the education of patriotic health-related laws and regulations, and raise the law-obeying awareness of leading officials, staff, and the masses. Strengthen information construction, promote the basic data of patriotic health related to information sharing among departments, and strengthen the development and utilization of information resources. We should conduct international exchanges and cooperation, learn from the advanced concepts and technologies of health management and health promotion, and introduce the achievements of our patriotic health campaigns.

3) Reform and innovate the way of mobilizing the masses. The establishment of the government and the organic combination of the market mechanism, through the transfer of government functions and the purchase of services, encourage and attract social forces to participate in environmental remediation, water and sanitation, health education, prevention and control of disease vectors and so on. We should improve the form and content of patriotic health activities, and mobilize units, social organizations and individuals to participate in patriotic public health activities by donating, establishing service institutions, providing volunteer services and participating in voluntary labor. Explore and promote the effective forms of the residents' health self-management group, the patient mutual-help group, the fitness group and the community health lectures. We should vigorously publicize the typical deeds and advanced experience and reward the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, so as to create a good social atmosphere. We should adhere to the launching of the Patriotic Health Month activities and establish a theme every year to promote the solution of 1 or 2 prominent health problems of concerns from the society and the masses.

4) Strengthen organizational leadership. People's governments at all levels should take patriotic health work as an important livelihood project, putting it into the economic and social development plan and the important agenda of the government, and regularly study and solve the major problems in patriotic health work. The patriotic health campaign committees at all levels should study and formulate patriotic health work plans, hold annual meetings, formulate annual work plans, and study and deploy important tasks. Each member unit should strengthen the interaction of its departments, implement the annual work plan and the key work task according to the division of duties, and form overall joint forces for the promotion of the work. All localities should strengthen the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee and improve the patriotic health organization system, especially at the grass-roots level, ensuring people are responsible for each other. The central finance continues to give the necessary support through the current special transfer payment method. We should strengthen personnel training and team building, promote evaluation of the target management and response system, and constantly improve the working level. The office of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee should strengthen supervision and inspection with relevant departments, control the progress of work, regularly exchange information, and urge all work to be implemented. If the work is outstanding and the results are prominent, it deserves praise. If the work isn't well done, supervision the rectification will be needed in time. The assessment of patriotic health work should be strengthened in all parts of the country. The results of the assessment serve as an important basis for the comprehensive assessment of the leading bodies and the leading officials. We should smooth the supervision channels, actively accept social and public supervision, carefully conclude and correct the problems reflected by the public, and constantly raise the people's satisfaction with the patriotic health work.
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