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Notice On Conducting A Reconnaissance Of Urban Underground Pipelines

Ministries of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Communication Authorities, Press and Publication Bureaux, Safety Supervision Bureaux, Energy Departments of provinces and autonomous regions, Beijing Municipal Commission, Planning Commission, Traffic Committee, Communication Authority, Press and Publication Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Management Committee, Administration on Planning and Land and Resources, Communication Authority, Cultural Broadcasting and Television Administration, Safety Supervision Bureau, Economic and Information Commission, Tianjin Urban and Rural Development committee, Planning Bureau, Communication Authority, Cultural Broadcasting and Film Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Economic and Information Commission, Chongqing Urban-rural Development Committee, Planning Bureau, Communications Authority, Cultural Committee, Safety Supervision Bureau, Economic and Information Commission, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Construction Bureau, Cultural Broadcasting and Television Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Industry and Information Commission:

In order to implement the Guidance of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Construction and Management of Urban Underground Pipelines (General Office of the State Council issued [2014] No. 27)  and do a good job in the urban underground pipeline investigation, the following notice is hereby given.

1. Purpose of the reconnaissance

We should fully understand the current situation of urban underground pipelines, obtain accurate pipeline data, grasp the basic information and hidden dangers of underground pipelines, clarify pipeline liability units, and eliminate accidents in time. Based on the investigation, every individual city should conclude pipeline information data from various industries and ownership units, establishing a comprehensive management information system; All pipeline industry authorities and ownership units should also establish and improve the professional pipeline information system.

2. The scope and content of the reconnaissance

1) The scope of the reconnaissance

All kinds of comprehensive pipe corridors, such as water supply, drainage, gas, heat, electricity, communication, radio and television, industrial (excluding oil and gas pipelines), and other auxiliary facilities in cities

2) Contents of the reconnaissance

The reconnaissance includes basic information screening and accident detection. Basic information screening should be focused on mastering the type and quantity of underground pipelines, functional properties, material, pipe diameter, the plane position, buried way, buried depth, height, orientation and connection mode, the ownership units, construction time, running time, along the pipeline characteristics, operations such as the terrain, and other related information. The hidden dangers and hazards of accidents should be comprehensively and clearly identified. In particular, it is necessary to ascertain the hidden dangers of major accidents, which include the hidden trouble site, hidden danger category, hidden trouble spot, description of hidden danger, responsibility unit, responsible person, whether there are safety signs, whether to take corrective measures, etc.

3. Requirements of the reconnaissance

1) Organization and implementation

The reconnaissance shall be carried out by the Municipal People's Government. All cities should clearly clarify the leading departments, formulate overall work plans, guide, supervise and coordinate the establishment of the working mechanism for the dominant departments and ownership units of each pipeline industry, formulate relevant regulations, and organize the inspection and acceptance the filing concerning survey results. The garrison units and the enterprises, directly under the Central Government, in accordance with the unified deployment of the local people's government, should actively cooperate with the reconnaissance of the underground pipelines to them.

2) Fulfilling of responsibilities

The leading department is responsible for the comprehensive coordination of the investigation work and the basic information survey. Formulating the programme of the investigation and its relevant local standards, according to the relevant technical regulations, the survey and retesting shall be carried out to collect the information of the census, collect the data and check the results. According to the regulations, the census results will be reported to the department of urban construction archives management and so on. Water supply, drainage, gas, heat, electricity, communications, radio and television, industry and other departments and units shall be responsible for the investigation of underground pipelines and hidden dangers. Timely and accurately provide the relevant basic information of the existing underground pipelines and put forward plans to check and rectify the hidden troubles.

3) Establishment of systems

Cities should use the census results to establish an integrated management information system for underground pipelines to meet the needs of their urban planning, construction, operation and emergency response. The competent departments of the industry, including the garrison units and the enterprises directly under the Central Government, shall establish and improve the professional pipeline information system to meet the needs of daily operation and maintenance management. The integrated management information system and the professional pipeline information system should meet the unified data standards to realize instantaneous exchanging, building, sharing, and dynamic updating of information. The completion measurement results of the newly-built or reconstructed underground pipeline project shall be submitted to the urban construction archives management department in time to implement the dynamic updating of the integrated management information system. We should make full use of the information resources to do a good job in engineering planning, survey and design, construction, operation and maintenance, emergency preparedness and disaster prevention, and public service. Information concerning underground pipelines involving state secrets shall be managed strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on confidentiality.

4) Completion time

All urban and pipeline industrial management departments and ownership units will have completed the survey of urban underground pipelines by the end of 2015, establishing and improving the integrated management information system for urban underground pipelines and professional pipeline information systems.

The provincial (municipal, district) Housing and Urban-Rural Developments will have reported the completion of the census work and the construction of the integrated management information system within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications, radio and television, security supervision, and energy authorities to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, General Administration of Safety Supervision, and Energy Administration by March 2016.

5) Inspection and implementation

Provinces (cities, districts) of Housing of Urban and Rural Construction Departments in conjunction with the Communication, Radio and Television, Safety Regulation, the competent department of energy for urban underground pipeline census, the strength of the inspection, guidance and coordination of urging city census work task on time, by the end of March 2015, the work plan of the census will have been submitted to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The urban planning, construction, management, services, communications, radio and television, safety supervision, energy and other departments, in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the provincial departments and the urban people's government, will carry out their duties, in close coordination and concerted efforts, according to Urban Underground Pipeline Survey Work Guidance Manual, combined with the local reality to survey related work.

Housing Urban and Rural Construction Department jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Administration of Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, Safety Supervision, Energy Bureau and other departments will check the progress of the underground pipeline census before the end of July in 2015.
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